We give safety and health top priority. We review our processes and our behavior on a regular basis, just as we measure their effects on people and on the environment. This is how we identify weak points and potential for improvement, and ensure the effectiveness of our program for work safety and protection of people’s health and the environment. Working in a heavy industry company is frequently also physically hard work. Our aim is to protect and promote the health of our employees.

We are convinced that all accidents, all work-related illnesses and all product defects can, in principle, be avoided, and that this goal enjoys top priority. Our employees are fully aware of their responsibility in terms of safety and health at the workplace.

To this end we make carefully chosen aids and opportunities available to our employees, such as state of the art personal protective equipment, regular qualification and training measures and statutory and voluntary health examinations. We will follow the “applicable legal obligations”, administrative requirements, and rules of the associations in which we are a member. We will perform the requirements of “Quality, Environment, Occupational health and Safety Management Systems”, and shall insure constant improvement by developing the system effectiveness.